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Off Campus Library Guide

Welcome to the Arthur A. Wishart Library's off-campus guide. This page is designed to help off-campus students locate library resources and research help.

Below you'll find answers to your frequently asked questions. Have a question that isn't here? You can chat with us in real-time, or submit your questions and feedback through our Feedback Survey.

How do I access library resources from off-campus?

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You will be prompted to login using your AlgomaU credentials when accessing library resources off-campus (at home or from the Northern College campus). This is because you are not within the AlgomaU IP range, which automatically authenticates you to access our resources. Students who are accessing resources from the downtown Brampton site should be authenticated, but will also need to login from home.

The login screen should appear the first time you try to access a database. It looks like this:

Off campus authorization page

If you don't login, you will not have full access to library resources we subscribe to. If you encounter issues with IP authentication, please contact us via chat or send an email to